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Originally Posted by Missionary5155 View Post
The 5 shot 44 Special in the smaller frame revolver is a very nice carry / backup revolver. The Smith & Wesson 696 has been around many years and is highly sought after. Taurus made a fine little Titanium 5 shot that becomes forgotten after a few minutes. Rossi has also made the 5 shots in several models.
Now Ruger has finally stepped up with the 5 shot GP100. Last I looked the price is dropping as the feeding frenzy "I was the first" is dying down. On GB there are some with a starting price of $599 plus shipping. By Summer they should be near the real price the 357 mag models sell for.
The 5 shots are not designed for hunting although they easily could up close. But for a carry revolver they will do everything required. Nothing like "looking down the bore of the deadly 44 of...." all in a package that is well priced and probably far stronger than any other out there.
Mike in Peru

well with the model 69 out
i bet it might be time to see some of those 696
to show up on the used market....makeing room for someones new 69

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