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All of my hunting is done with NEF/H&R singles. We paired 7 different 30-30 barrels from yesteryear(the slim profile type) with modern receiver frames. Pieced together 1 for each of the grandsons, and managed to have 1 for myself. We use the same 170 grain Sierra FN load with LE powder for all but one. One we use the 160FTX loading with LE.

All the youngin's start with our .223 lightweight with 20" barrel for range time.

When they start deer hunting their 30-30's have many rounds downrange.

I've also hunted in the western US with my Sidekick muzzleloader using BH209 and PR bullets. Seems I'm always able to get a permit with the muzzleloader.


*Top mounted breeching lever
*Synthetic non monte carlo buttstock
*Fairly light
*Shoulders quickly and come to point of aim fast
*Easy to reload for.
*Left Hand Friendly
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