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I've had Handi's in 3 different calibers in the last few years. The first was a .22 WMR that was actually a really cool rifle. Green laminate stock and heavy barrel, brushed nickel maybe? It was some sort of light colored finish. It was just too heavy for what it was. The 2nd was a model 158 in .357 Max that had to have a 10 lb.+ trigger pull. The thing was awful. The 3rd, and only one I currently own is a newer production 45/70, and it's a great rifle. I have thought about buying up more in different calibers, but it's kind of hard to justify that when you can get a brand new Ruger American or Savage Axis for not much over $350 and you know it will be a good shooter, not to mention there is still a factory in existence in case they ever need sent in for repair.

FWIW, I'm on my 3rd Ruger American Rifle now: .22 WMR, .223, and 300 BLK. Now that Ruger has dropped the 77/357 and 77/44 from the M77 line up, I look for them to make a comeback in the RAR line!
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