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lloyd smale
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I would have to wonder if the 357 bullet technology out there today is ready for 2000fps. Using a bullet designed to open up at a 1000fps in a gun going twice that fast turns a hunting bullet into a varmint bullet. I know that cast bullets sure do better at 1400 fps then they do at 2000. You can run them that fast with some careful steps but finding an alloy that will hold up is tough. I don't know of any dedicated 357 Rifle bullets. Maybe a partition but your selection for proper bullets is going to be slim and none. Unless your intension with it is to blow the **** out of things. the 35 rem is a much better choice. If your considering a 94 length action I don't see an advantage to the max. Much better bullets are available for the 35 rem and brass and ammo would be much easier to find. I guess practicality isn't allways the driving force behind what I do and buy either. If you just want one because you want one go for it. But for the money your going to invest you could go to the gunshop and pick up a used marlin 35 and be shooting that day.

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