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Originally Posted by Bogmaster View Post
It may have just been lucky.It may have been a mouse,coon or possum that uncovered the trap.
Remake the set.Are you using a sifter to place dirt over your trap?
You may also consider setting snares in the coyotes travel ways.
I use a sifter to blend it in after I initially cover the trap with peat moss. I'm making step-down dirt hole sets. I will reset. I have a drill auger for digging the dirt holes and have been digging them 12"-14" deep. I place the beaver caster on a corn cob and place it sideways about half way down the hole in hopes they can't easily just reach in and run with it. My traps are about 3" in front of the dirt hole. This last set I selected places that had a rigid back to them so the coyotes can't come from the side or behind the set. This didn't seem to change my success rate. It's been since last Sunday and nothing has disturbed one of the two sets.

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