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Default How long should a duck mount last?

Less than 7 years? Many of my ducks mounts, 1-, 3-, 5-, and 7-years old, are shedding ALL of their feathers and coming apart. Some are irretrievable they have lost so much.

Necks have separated from bodies. Rear ends have separated from molds as well as the rest of the underlying skin. There appears to have been no deterioration arresting chemicals used.

One mount, a twin set of Florida Black Ducks in full departure flight, "blew apart" when it was taken from the house to the truck. Most of the upper mount's feathers flew away into the yard including neck, flight, back, tail, chest, down, and you name it feathers. That was quite unexpected.

Previously, a Blue Winged Teal was destroyed when a House Wren came indoors and tried to use one of its wings as a perch. the wing broke off when the Wren alighted on it.

How is all of this prevented? They were not cheap.

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