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Yes Niska, the new forum can be used for whatever topics are suitable for the target audience for this site. I've always said that target audience is all members of CHRISTian families whether the man, woman or the kids. I want all family members to feel comfortable here.

Women are and always have been welcome here. My wife is a member and moderator here tho she rarely posts anymore. She used to post fairly regularly but now spends more time on facebook and doing her genealogy stuff.

I can't imagine the men taking offense at women posting so long as they try to fit into the general outdoor theme of the site. Folks who want to put down hunters and gun owners have really never been welcome here as that's not the point of this site. Other than that everyone is welcome. We've had surprisingly few of the antis try to participate here. Liberals now that's another matter, we definitely have some of those here and for the most part they fit in well other than in the political discussion where their ideas are clearly in the minority here.

Thank you Bill. And I will help you with that.Niska

Bill aka the Graybeard

I am not a lawyer and do not give legal advice.

JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life anyone who believes in Him will have everlasting life!

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