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Originally Posted by Argent11 View Post
The Martian, I loved the book but not so much the movie, to much of the story was left out in the movie. After the first two Alien became ridiculous and boring, so has the Terminator movies. I don't know what it's going to take now that the ugly, slimy, monster alien card has just about been worn out.
I agree with all these points. The last Alien movie had the Alien character is a passer-by. It also ignores the Alien v/s Predator movies that clearly show Aliens on earth long before the most recent Alien movie and not created by the android as a hybrid.
Movies like this go back to contradict each other so often, you're left with plot holes that are massive.
For example, as much as I like T2, the first movie was specific that the humans had already won the war, the one Terminator was sent back and no others from the future were coming after Reese went through.
This was ignored in all the films after that.

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