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Default Orders are acknowledged and Thank You(s) given.

Kevin Rohrer, You have a good eye, Kevin and you are correct, it sure looks like one!

JFKaboom-69, No. 11 is yours and has been officially registered. Thank you for your order.

Double D. Thanks for updating this thread. Sorry to tell you this, but I told everyone they could have any SN they wanted except those taken already, so Kevin Rohrer
indicated that he wanted SN 7, but I told him that one was promised to a friend, so he said SN 115 was his second choice and I said , fine 115 is registered to you. you are welcome to have SN 24 as usual or to pick a completely different one if you prefer. SN 24 is registered to your name until you tell me otherwise. Thank you for your order.

Hunting Moose, eh? Bullwinkle's not going to like that! I have several interesting Moose hunting stories to tell, but even more interesting, is the one about a Canadian with whom I worked years ago in the People's Republic of Boulder, Colorado. Stewart was a smart young man who was studying at the university in boulder, majoring in history and government as I recall. He was as liberal as they come, but was not the "In your Face", type of liberal so we had some pleasant conversations. He was good with math too, so I did not have to check his work as an inspector, I knew he already double checked it, himself. One day things were a bit slow and National Hunting and Fishing Day was rapidly approaching. Although he was no hunter, he was a good cartoonist, so he drew his version of Opening Day for us in the QC Lab. There was a large pit in the center with three hunters at its bottom with rifles at the ready. All around the rim of this crater were about 40 rabbits all armed with double barrel shotguns, all aiming down at the hunters. The title was: "My Vision of Opening Day of Rabbit Season!"

Well, this could not go unchallenged of course, so we called upon our best artist/inspector in the lab, Jeff to draw what I imagined would be a good challenge cartoon. I drew the simple stuff like a shack with a sign on it which read: 'Stewart's Baby Harp Seal Sales'. Jeff drew about 25 dead harp seal bodies piled up in front of the shack, all with little Xs where their eyes should have been. Needless to say there were no more hunter bashing cartoons coming from the Canadian! A successful comeback, eh?

Holdoff with the Beaver Bucks, DD. Wait till you return to the land of the inflated dollar; BYW it's $349 plus shipping, don't you know. eh?

Spuddy! Nice to see you are checking us out occasionally. There will be no azimuth scale or swivel plate at this price point, Tim. We already have promised too much, Mike fears. Trying to allay his concerns, I said, "I'll just work faster". Then he says, "what, are you going to rev up to tortoise speed?" "Hey, hey" says I, "Maybe".

SN 1 is officially registered to you. Thank you for your order. Thumbs up on 12" Disappearing Rifle duly noted.

VA Rifleman, Don't hold us to a particular bore size already. I can tell you this, it will be bigger than our normal 1.000" or 1.067" Dia.. But it may be 37mm which is a little smaller than 1.500", being right at 1.457" Dia. Don't forget, if this one is attempted, it will be a 1 to 1.5 year build adventure. There are so man details on these that I boggles the mind. Lots of casting too, which must be made as castings or they won't look right or if completely CNC machined, would blow the budget out of the water for sure!! No firecrackers? We are wusses in Colorado too and in Broomfield where both Mike and I live they don't even allow sparklers!!! Most people ignor these ordinances though; there are plenty of noisemakers on the 4th of July, but not at the cannon makers homes or shop location. Those areas must be the quietest in the County!

Ex 49er, What, a crackerless 4th for you too?? Hey, Hey! Two thumbs up for a future Disappearing Rifle!! Yahoo!

That's it for now, guys.

Tracy and Mike

Smokin my pipe on the mountings, sniffin the mornin cool,
I walks in my old brown gaiters along o my old brown mule,
With seventy gunners beind me, an never a beggar forgets
Its only the pick of the Army that handles the dear little pets - Tss! Tss!

From the poem Screw-Guns by Rudyard Kipling
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