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Originally Posted by Gohon View Post
No it can not...I see this all the time and it simply is not correct. Now having said that, the 45 Colt when loaded with the upper end of Ruger/TC loads will equal and sometimes exceed the killing power of the 44 magnum. It will do this simply because of heavier bullets and a larger diameter and do it with less pressure but, it will not be a hotter load than the 44 magnum.
Seems you're pretty definite with your opinion relative to the 45 Colt. The 45 Colt can be had with either a 5 or 6 shot cylinder. The 6 shot Ruger Redhawk or a 5 shot Freedom Arms or any 5-shot custom revolver can handle about all the pressure you will want to handle and that 44 magnum will play h*ll keeping up.

Speaking for myself - I can push a 320 grain hard cast bullet from a 4-3/4" barrel, 45 Colt Revolver to 1,486 fps - try that with a 44 Magnum. The 44 Magnum is one fine caliber and use to wear the crown as King of the Big Bores until John Linebaugh came along and established the fact the crown rightfully belongs to the 45 Colt. The 45 Colt also has the "killing power" edge, not that any animal properly hit with either caliber would know the difference. Not much difference to talk about but coming in 2nd place by a nano-second is still second place.

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