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Originally Posted by Niska44 View Post
And it seems as a very common problem with you as well as it is directed at me. Who else is posting here besides me?

I am not David, or Anna, or whoever you might come up with to support your superstitions?
and another thing, no one person who get simple statements so confused is a high paid chevron cpa as you claim to be

it just isnt going to happen. you cant seem to understand the simplest of comments, its like your brain is cross-wired.

talking to you the phone, was like you were drunk, or in some state of delusion... not clear , alert and sharp at all..

now, you either are faking this understanding and communication problem now, or your not a highly chevron cpa

in any event, its all a put - on , a scam and a lie ( david, niska, anna, pam, joanna, ariel and whomever else ) are a fraud, lier , scam and con artist

Dave in Phoenix
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