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Boys, when I finally got enough of Davy I said so, but I waited about 2 years.
Now I don't know who this Niska is anymore than tha rest of you do.
But my Davy problem disappeared, and thats all I was interested in.
As for this "Niska drama", I could name two little white boys on this website, without strainin my little finger, that pump out more BS, and drama, than this Niska does to date, every day, and nobodys tryin to tree them.
Besides, outnumbered, and y'all still ain't got her treed. You got her circled, but she ain't tree'in.
Think you (we) coulda been wrong? It's happened before, and I sure ain't for ragging on a woman.

To The Politician: if your not right with God, your not right for this country.
Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty

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