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Originally Posted by scibaer View Post
Originally Posted by Dee View Post
But my Davy problem disappeared, and thats all I was interested in.
yes, but the rest of us have a niska problem we'd like gone too
Instead of pokin thru the fence, open the gate and talk to Bill.

This whole damm thread wasn't anything more than s%*t stirring.

After lookin at this a few weeks. I don't see the same problems as with Davy.
I've been wrong before, but this Niska ain't causin me any problems.
Some people like her, take bait pretty easy, but you kinda do to.
Specifically, what kinda problems is she causing you?
I ain't your daddy, your gonna do what you want, but I ain't gonna keep howling at the moon.
She ain't stirrin anymore crap that a few more I could name.

To The Politician: if your not right with God, your not right for this country.
Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty

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