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Here is a video clip of an experiment we did in 2014 to see how fast a foot long quill could communicate fire to the main charge under a 50 pound concrete bullet in our 9.25" mortar we called Big Thumper for the sound it makes upon returning to Terra Firma. We use a 1/4"wide strip of double sticky celephane tape covered with FFFFg BP on the tape inside the straw. We have about 1,780 straws left, if you ever need any more!

The frame rate is 1,200 FPS in this video.


Click on image to play.

Smokin my pipe on the mountings, sniffin the mornin cool,
I walks in my old brown gaiters along o my old brown mule,
With seventy gunners beind me, an never a beggar forgets
Its only the pick of the Army that handles the dear little pets - Tss! Tss!

From the poem Screw-Guns by Rudyard Kipling
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