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Although I have a RCBS furnace which is controlled with a separate PID, I ordered an Easy Melt from MidwayUSA yesterday & it’s on backorder. So I probably won’t qualify for the $25 rebate but it’s still a good deal without it.

Below is some feedback on the RCBS Easy Melt I just received from a guy that recently bought one. He also has a Waage pot controlled with a separate PID.

I ordered and received a RCBS Easy Melt from Midway. I set it up next to my Waage w/PID controller to make a comparison. The Easy Melt has a built in PID. My observations:
Price RCBS $109.99 + $11.49 shipping and additional $25.00 rebate from RCBS (must purchase by 3/31/18) – advantage Easy Melt
RCBS holds more alloy and no thermocouple in the pot which is required with a separate PID. – advantage Easy Melt
RCBS held the temperature more constant than the Waage while casting 20 bullets each. – advantage Easy Melt
RCBS made in China. – advantage Waage
For the price, I couldn’t pass this up as a second pot. After using the Easy Melt today, my Waage w/PID is my second pot. I was pleasantly surprised by the Easy Melt’s performance, considering the low price. I think having the PID as an integral part of the unit is giving it better temperature stability.
I just hope the Easy Melt holds up……………………..
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