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Well my favorite Handi is my 204 Ruger topped with a 3-12x40 Leopold out to 350yrds it's money . With the 204 you can see the red mist and here them pop as the recoil is very low. I have been trying to get the 1000 yarder but you have to have so many things
happen right 1st ya got to have no wind and you have to have the shot and there just are not that many chances farthest to date for me is I think 748 and I thought that one was over 1000 . Really never kept count but have shot over 2000 round over 4 days before.
Guns I usually take are:
204 Ruger
22-250AI H&R
.223 H&R
22-250AI Savage w/26"bull bbl on a McMillan stock weighs about 13#'s 6-18x50 Leopold
This time I am taking my Smith&Wesson AR15-22 to shoot the close in dogs rather than burning up the more expensive ammo. At this point if I shoot one at 1000 it will be more luck than anything else. I just don't have any place to practice the long range shots. I will submit a report on my return.Kurt

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