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Originally Posted by land_owner View Post
I have been W of the Mississippi, but never to shoot anything, much less PD's. I can think of no better rifle than a hyper-accurate Handi- single shot, with perhaps a bull barrel. Now what caliber? 243 is decent - but maybe overkill. 223 maybe? Speed, distance, accuracy, bullet performance, cost effective, ease of reloading, fine optics, rock steady rest, target rich environment, agreeable land owner, what could be more practical and fun than that? Do you keep score? Or just vaporize the little varmints? At what ranges? Maybe some day after conversion to every day is a weekend...a Yellowstone trip sounds like a deal maker! Any concern for travel with firearms through the midlands and South Dakota?
Overkill??? A 55 BT .243 will pop the little buggers right out of their hide and it will come fluttering back down. Saw that happen on the Rosebud in South Dakota.

300 yard shots quickly became boring with the Savage 110FP in .223 Rem. Boom, splat. Boom, splat. We also brought .22lr to get the close ones and soon found ourselves seeing how far we could stretch single shot hits with the .22. Farthest was a lasered 174 yards. Decent poke with the high winds out there.

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