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Well all I got to say is wow wow wow what a fiasco. Got to Fort Pierre wife did very good driving her I just bought Audi A3 704 miles door to door almost 12hrs . Hit the prairie bought the crack of 12:30 only PD left in what used to be a fantastic field was also filled w/beef so we hit a couple of large ponds in another field a cought quite a few perch and blue gills with the fly rods and made a pretty good day of it. Next morning we checked out 12-15 other fields that I had marked on my map from previous trips no dogs found so we went to The cattlemen's supper club that has the best steaks that I've ever 3rd time there and is a place you got to find if ever in Pierre SD. Next day headed for the Black Hills and Wall Drug got about 65 miles away from Pierre and all the action starts... the car quits got ahold of a tow truck who took us to a little town that had a Ford dealership of course its afternoon on sat. so they don't open again to monday morning luckly they had a nice hotel in town a mom and pop place that was fairly restaurants no bar and grill nothing except a little corner general store able to get some food for weekend of doing nothing. 1st tow $250 got the car in dealership Monday morn they had nobody that had ever seen an Audi but were able to run codes and kind of figured it had something to do with the timing belt. But there is a Audi dealership 400mi back to Sioux Falls SD same tow driver will get us there Tuesday $1000 cash!! ouch! Got the car to dealer got a hotel six had a quite dinner little reflection time. Got phone call next day mech. says the timing belt failed and while cruising down the road @ 65 it destroyed all the valves and cam shafts which destroyed the engine might be able to find used A3 motor $3500 plus new $7000. Now I'm in just try to get it home mode. Found a Uhaul only thing they had was 15 footer and dolley $750 and my wife has never driven a truck other than my suburban and I can't drive yet with my prosthetic leg .Wife came thru with flyin colors got back home after 400mile drive.Got the car into Euro Tech Monday morn called later in the day he had a motor lined up would try and keep it under $5000 plus tax depending how long it takes for the motor to get there may have it done by Friday Monday at the least. Long story Long car done on Friday $5065 runs great wife's happy but heart broken as we didn't make it even to Wall Drug. Gonna take a couple of yrs to save to try and do it again for our 30th. This time we'll rent a car try to blow it up then demand a Caddy because of the inconvenience it's caused!! I've driven my 180,000 suburban out there 3 times go figure. Sorry for the long post but had to tell the story. Keep your eyes open may be some H&R's hitting the market soon!! Now where's that go fund me page. Kurt

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