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I also have large hands, in fact a large glove is tight on my hands. I shoot Contenders all the time without an extension on the hammer. In fact if I get a Contender with an extension I will take it off. It takes a little practice but you can become very adept at cocking the hammer on a low mounted scoped Contender. I have had a hammer break from the use of an extension once. It was one of the skeleton type hammers with the cross bar in the hammer and of course it broke where the screw from the extension struck the side of the hammer. Up until that time I had used an extension, but decided to drop the use of one after that. On handguns I use high mount rings and on carbine length I use medium height rings.

My grandson just recently started shooting Contenders and was wanting to use an extension, so I showed him my broken hammer and now he is working on not using one. Just my two cents worth and worth all you paid for it. Good luck and enjoy your Contenders.

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