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I have loaded Magtech brass for my .410s (and my 12 and 16). The issue that i found that was a problem as far as I was concerned is that The standard .410 wads were too small for efficient sealing of the load. Magtech brass is drawn to size and the interior of the hulls is larger than the interior of modern plastic hulls. For my 12 gauge, i have to use 11 gauge wads and the 16 uses 14 ga. Components. .410s have the same problem. You really need custom wads to get the best seal.
The best advice given in the replies is the equal/equal load of shot and powder if you are using Magtech brass and BP (which is what the Magtech hulls are designed for).
If you want to use modern components, your best bet is to try to get some lathe turned hulls like those from Rocky Mt. Cartridge. Co. Those can be used very effectively with smokeless powders. Unfortunately, they are pricey at about $94 for 20 hulls. They will, however, last probably forever.
PS - did some measuring. Magtech .410 brass hulls interior diameter is .460”. Fourten wads are .410-.415”.
Modern Winchester plastic wads are .390” at the base.

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