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Originally Posted by Dan66 View Post
I don't know about you but I am growing weary of breaking news of another batch of evidence being found on crooked officials and nothing done about it. There seems to be an attitude that the people involved in the plots against Trump should not be criminalized. These things weren't a mistake or bad judgement, they were crimes against the Constitution and the American people. I'm afraid all these people are going to walk. Back room deals are being cut between parties. Trump finally ordered the
documents released. I think it to late for the mid terms. The way I look at it they did it and enough evidence is there to arrest
these people. I don't know what it's going to take to bring Sessions into

Sessions is already working like a dog, it's just not in public view, and Trump isn't mad at sessions, it's theater. Like pro wrestling, they beat on and throw each other around, then back in the locker room they high five and go out for drinks together. Sessions is orchestrating IG Horowitz and US attorney Huber investigations into all this, that is where the 50 thousand plus sealed indictments were generated from. It's all about to come out in the open. Grab you're popcorn and.hang on
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