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Originally Posted by Dan66 View Post
Personally I think these people have parcipitated in Sedition and other high crimes. I don't think prison is a cure for them. The
American people have got to get some common sense and put these people on trail. If found guilty they should be executed and
their personal wealth seized as restitution for the millions they have cost the country.

I don't know about executions, but the president did sign an executive order that makes it possible to sieze the assets of those involved in human rights violations, such as human trafficking. Conan, if you know an attorney that has a subscription to a web site called you can see these indictments broken down state by state. Here is a coincidence of all coincidences. These indictments sarted piling upast October, same time as sessions appointed Huber to work with inspector general Horowitz, and Q started posting on 4 Chan. How many coincidences before it's a mathematical impossibility?
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