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Default Finally have my hunting Rig

After 20 yrs of mostly brush gun whitetail hunting in the thick woods of Pennsylvania I have taken on the challenge of handgun hunting. I was introduced to the world of the Contender about 2 years ago after shooting a 14Ē 30-30. Since that day I decided to build a rig that I consider to be ideal for my hunting style. I went with the following. 1975 receiver, pach grip and forend, and the longest item to find was a 12Ē barrel with a brake chambered in 7-30 Waters. Topped with a 2x fixed Weaver glass. I reload using a 120 grain Nozzler BT with 34.5 grains of Winchester 748 ball powder. On the bench I canít believe how incredibly accurate this setup is at 100 yrds......time will tell if I can do my part in the woods!!!Finally have my hunting Rig-img_4153.jpg

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