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I went up to my own 20-acres Saturday and Sunday, not only to hunt, but to work too. Sunday I wanted to bush hog before next Friday, which begins four days of antlerless season, one per day if so lucky. The splined universal link between the tractor power takeoff and the implement was missing its keeper pin and the implement won't stay attached to the power takeoff for long in that condition. I tried a threaded bolt, but it was too small. So I scraped the ground bare dragging the bush hog! at least and until I noticed the tractor's oil/water separator leaking diesel onto the hot exhaust pipe below and then I secured totally.

No corn, no wheat, no rye. Just the natural and random movement of the deer in my local Florida neighborhood, should they care to participate in daylight. It has gotten increasingly difficult for me to get on and off the tractor. Bad knees and no young strong legs to help. I hope this does not signal the sunset of a remarkable and near 30-year period of wildlife food plotting in a target rich environment.

Deer hunting is not an obsession with is much more important than that. The 55-gallon drum and battery powered slinger corn feeder that used to grace my interior Florida property was taken out of service - permanently - when the majestic oak tree in which it was hung was toppled by hurricane Irma in 2017. There are at least 6 two-century oak trees that were felled by that storm and it is too much for me alone at present to dispose of their remnants. Tons of firewood lay ready for the harvest. Clearing the mess is going to take some time. All in good time though. Every day is a Holiday starts on January 17, 2019.

I have used corn as bait in Florida for nearly 25 years with tremendous success - on hogs. Once in a while the deer come out in daylight, but are mostly nocturnal. Perhaps it is the corn...I know they love iron and clay peas and soybean sprouts. They eat those to the dirt line before they reach 6 inches in height and the weekend before the start of hunting season. Timing is everything with those.

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