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Default R&M Gunsmith- Rob Gifford

R&M Gunsmith
Thinking of doing business with him? DON'T! Rob was to carve, inlet and finish a very nicely figured stock blank I had received in a trade from a mutual friend. After a bunch of delays he said it had split. He said he had another blank as good he would use to replace it. When I picked up another rifle he had finished, it was wearing the stock for the 2nd rifle he was to complete for me. Rob reneged on the completion of the 2nd rifle. After finally getting the 2nd barreled action back I asked for the split 2nd stock as well. Rob produced an old straight grained stock that at one time had a forend tip. It had been sawed off. The stock was in no way the stock he had been given to complete. The gentleman I originally got the blank from agreed it was not the same. The inletting looked like it had been done by a chipmunk. It was not split. When I confronted Rob about it he said it was my blank. When I pointed out that it was not split, he said he could split it for me!
Rob is NOT to be trusted. If he takes a fancy to your materials he will steal them from you and try to substitute other inferior items. I am out the stock blank, bluing and the work to complete the stock. I have two other gunsmiths that will verify what transpired with the entire deal, the loss of my stock and Rob's failure to complete the deal and return my stock. Contact me if you wish the details. Andre` R. Schofield ([email protected])

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