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Originally Posted by RdFx View Post
Make sure you put at least two if not more traps where you find coon sign as they are still traveling as families.
Great advice! I think I'll put 2 or 3 DP's around each of our feeders since they love that corn!

Which makes me wonder, if you catch one and it starts complaining about being caught, will the others high tail it outa there? If so, will they come back the next night?

Originally Posted by Friar_Tuck View Post
I have had my best luck with the cheapest dry cat food I can find, and then drizzle some salmon oil around.
I was thinking of trying dry cat food. And I thought I'd continue to drip some lure around. Which makes me think of...

Two more questions:
First, how much bait do you put in a DP trap? I saw one video where the guy filled one to overflowing. That just didn't look right to me... I was thinking of filling it to just below the trigger.
Second, is it possible to use too much bait and lure?

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