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ive shot a number of deer with buckshot. Its allways killed well but I prefer a slug for one reason and that's that buck with all its pellets just tears up to much meat. As to using a shockwave. Why not? As long as you treat it like a box and keep your shots at 25 or less it would be a wicked killing weapon. Some of the most impressive kills ive witnessed have been close shots with buckshot. Id like to get a shockwave myself but it would be more of a toy for me then anything. I think for hunting id leave it home and take a 18 inch pump gun with a stock and a redot shooting a slug. But if you were in a survival situation one slung over your back would take care of a lot of business. small light and compact enough that you could sling one over your back for when its necessary and carry an AR for real work. don't know the legality of it but I know there making some arm brace style stocks for them. With a shockwave brace or sig stock you would really have a efficient defense gun even if it was the only thing you carried.

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