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Originally Posted by Bad Mike View Post
Aw crikey, ya'll aren't ever gonna be as young as you are now so just go with the flow and enjoy the ride; and any of you who are retired and the (supposed) masters of your/our time might enjoy some new shooting hobbies. I still enjoy shooting my 4" Mountain Gun, just not with full house loads all the time. It's a lot of fun with mild loads on reactive targets, which is how I recycle cans.

Hopalong7: if I could do that I wouldn't even consider thinking about giving it up.

gpa: you are older than dirt, you said so in another post, so how come you don't know that Rugers are famous for bashing your middle finger knuckle? Remember that turnip truck you mentioned? Ok... So how did your Saturday date in the deer woods go? The weather here for us was miserable and we didn't see a thing, except squirrels and Blue Jays. Hope yours was better.....
You're gonna ride my butt till the cows come home aren't ya? Ha! I can't take it and probably deserve it. Besides you are a ***** cat compared to my wife. She is why I took up hunting and fishing to start with. She always did look good on the back of my Harley though!

Our deer hunting weather was just as miserable! We got almost an inch of rain during shooting hours this past Saturday along with 35 degree temps and a 30-40 mph wind. My tags are degradation tags so I can use them any season. Gonna give it a try next Saturday. Suppose to be cold...down around 10 degrees Saturday morning. Thats to my keeps the one weekend a year hunters home on the couch.

I can remember the Ruger trigger guards that are squared off on the back being hard on bird fingers but mine is a Super Blackhawk Bisley with a rounded off trigger guard and it has never bothered me before. I am shooting a very stout load ...24 grains of Lil'Gun and a 240 grain XTP. I think it has more to do with my grip than anything. That comes from being older than dirt and there ain't no getting around it.

I did walk 12.6 miles on Saturday and Sunday. The pheasants were sitting tight in the crappy weather. I got 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. I also got drenched to the bone. However since titanium don't rust my knees are fine and my dog slept real good both nights. The arthritis in my fingers make it so that I can't work those little push button safeties when my fingers get cold so these days so I hunt with a cheap Mossberg 500 Youth model 20 gauge.....only I put an adult size stock on it. It has the thumb safety and my thumbs still work fine. I gave a whopping $125 for it used. I can hold the fence down with it, hunt in the rain with it, club raccoons over the head with it and leave my good guns home in the safe.

As far the turnip truck goes......that's just something that my dearly departed grandpa always said. He had lots of other sayings too but they might aren't fit to put into text on this forum.....some of them are real funny though!
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