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I have to agree with land owner. For me that bird has flown. But im sure not so gullable as to think that ANYTHING I do or say on the internet is private in ANY way. If your conserned about privacy youd best throw your computer and smart phone in the trash.
Originally Posted by land_owner View Post
There is no reason to be careful as we've already said more than enough to get each of us on their radar. Holding back now won't change the past. If some entity really starts some crapolla as a result of our on line conversations, do you not believe that there will be a whole heap of problems created in short order? Would we stand for it - depending on what "it" is? Would we stand around, shuffling our feet, and thinking, "Glad that's him and not me?" I don't think so. We're a Team of loosely connected individuals in need of a spark or some leadership in order to carry the day. It wouldn't take a whole lot to get all of really riled. We keep it in check though as law abiding citizens free to speak our minds. We're as bad about scaring ourselves as is the Media's attempt to scare their base.

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