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Well, had an old friend at church that had to be put on oxygen and can no longer hunt. I donated my first deer this year to him and he was tickled that I would think of him and give him a deer.

So on close inspection of what I had on hand, I needed to get one to top off our freezer (especially for burger). Got lucky on New Year's Day with a Hoosier Nat'l Forest doe.

Thank the good Lord for providing!!

Shot with an H&R Handi .35 Remington with brass trimmed to just under the 1.8" spec. Loaded with unknown maker 200 grain hollowpoints that I got from Dinny (I am pretty sure). Tried to spine her so that she would drop there on the ridge, but she made it 60-65 yards down into the valley. Bullet passed within an inch of the spine. Guess do to the lower velocity of the .35 Rem that there was not enough shock to do any damage to the nerves. I never got around to chronographing the load, but I was using 41.4 grains of LeverEvolution and the Hornady book has a max of 42.7 grains for the 200 grain bullet class. That load prints just under an inch in my Handi.

Good luck to anyone sticking it out the last few days of the season!!!
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