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i prefer dry DP bait so the works don't get gummed up
bait is 50-50 dry cat food and generic fruit flakes/loops
fill tube only 1/4-1/3 full AFTER you put a marshmallow UNDER the trigger
run a sparse trail of bait from trail/shoreline to the DP OR a trail of fish oil
anchor trap where they CANNOT get ahold of anything or they get leverage to get away/out of trap
if mice clean out your trap, put a golf ball or upside down paper cup on top of DP
do NOT engage the dog all the way in the triggers notch, keep it about 1/2 way

ALSO, you'd be wise to join your state trapping assn, Google it, then ask some officers off their site for a mentor to ride with in, your area. THEN, you are in the information loop of the FREE trappers ed classes, meets, fur sales/pick ups, conventions and attend ALL you can. This alone opens MANY doors. At least it did for me!

hope this helps

Trapper John

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