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GGaskill, I think your modified plug weld technique will not only work, but work very well. I believe it is well thought out and logical. We will definitely do several experiments to see just how it works. Dominick has warned me more than once about having too much heat in a welded area.

Gls, I like your your cart/shooting bench a lot. What a unique combination, sturdy and practical, yet elegant at the same time. A clever solution which provides an answer to both display and shooting pursuits. I am looking forward to seeing it in person. I'm thinking that our large Baltic Birch Box might be very weighty. Perhaps I could add a mobility feature to it as well.

Hard to believe that is your first effort at building a flintlock rifle. It is very, very good looking. I have always loved wooden patch boxes and yours looks very nice! What caliber and barrel type did you use?


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