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Here are some photos of mine...

1121 - My fiberglass stocked (built the stock myself) TCR-87 with a .50-140 barrel.

0563 - A .50-140 cartridge with a 575-gr paper-patch bullet vs .45-70 with 400-gr jacketed bullet.

0626 & 0632 - Targets with two different bullet weights.

0621 - Fired 750-gr bullet dug out of embankment behind target. The bullet sort of turned inside out and that is a .380 ACP cartridge setting inside it.

I haven't shot this for a while but do remember one can notice the recoil! It was a considerable investment of time and money and I've hardly used it for anything more than plincking. It uses a .507-inch barrel salvaged from a .50 BMG so I uses paper-patched hammer-swaged bullets in it. Hand loading time for me is about 20 minutes per round including casting, hammer swaging, paper patching, etc.
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