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Originally Posted by Greyeagle View Post
Ccw covers it in Texas also, but unfortunately, not all ccws. I am a Texas resident, but my ccw is a non-resident from Virginia. It is still good in Texas, and many other states as well because of reciprocity laws, but when buying a firearm here, the first thing they ask is whether you have a TEXAS ccw, and if the answer is "no", you go through the same time consuming process that someone with no license who just walks in off the street goes through.
My CCW is still one from Florida and i never have any trouble here in NM when buying a gun.
Not with buying a rifle in Texas either. I thought about getting one from NM but i've never gotten
around to it. All i had to do with Florida was send them a copy of my DD214.
Picture ID, completed form where our Sheriff signed off on it. And a fee of $50.00.

Took em about three weeks to send me my license, so the whole thing was pretty easy to do.

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