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Originally Posted by lloyd smale View Post
Originally Posted by Dee View Post
Hes just straightening out all the "haters" on what ever they hate.
I personally think though, hes been radicalized.
as typical here and especially on the religion fourm when you or your buddys like purebread, good shot ect cant come up with a legit argument against fact you resort to name calling and try to call everyone that doesn't agree with you a hater. Lets see the Mexicans are spic's northerners are snowbirds or yankees (at best) You hate everyone from Arkansas and Oklahoma California or basically anyone that isn't born a Texan. Even your welfare roll which is very large think there somehow better then ANYONE from another state.

Whos the hater??? News flash. Your nothing special. Heck many of you don't even want to be americans. Probably more bs talk about secession in texas that every other state in the union combined. Personaly Id love to see it. Youd end up with another 3rd world country without federal aid and mexico would probably have to build a wall to keep you out of there country. But you do have some fine Mexican food there. Funny how some think the state there born in makes them a better man. Most of the bs comes from people who never lived anywhere else or more then a 100 miles away from there mommy and don't have a clue. Very little of it comes from people who have served in the military and found out how ridiculous this my state is better then your state bs really is.

Yup there was some very brave men at the Alamo. No doubt about it. Funny how some think that because those men were brave bad asses it somehow makes every generation that followed equally brave. Heck half your state is welfare recipients, Mexicans, Californians and snowbirds. Maybe the smart play would be to put the wall up on the texas border[IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]. Give mexico back to the Mexicans. After all a good many Texans don't want to be Americans anyway and maybe we could make a swap in exchange for mexico paying for a wall. It would save the people of this country that are proud to be Americans billions!! Please don't come back with anymore insults. My precious feelings cant take to much more of it. I barely slept last night[IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG] I dreamt that I was 5 years old and some guy in cowboy boots was chasing me. [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]
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