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Originally Posted by Dakotashooter2 View Post
Wonder how many women will intentionally get pregnant to avoid service..........then abort the baby. FWIW if you draft the women you reduce your future recruitment of soldiers.

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This was common with active duty gals who didn't want to deploy when the poop hit the rotary oscillator.

Many single mothers totally freak out when they are told to pack up and mount out in 48 hours. They really don't have 48 hrs because they are busy with their unit palletizing equipment and supplies to go with them on the cargo jet. Meanwhile they don't know what to do with the kids so they claim pregnancy or some other ailment to avoid deploying.

Most women have immediate distress after hitting the ground after finding out there are no toilets, running water, showers, anything they consider essential to proper hygiene. Best thing to do is not take them. It's an impossible position to take.

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