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So tired of that "green BS" ! It was in 2005 that their great green guru..Al Gore promised that both iced caps would be gone by 2013.
How many flat out lies can some people fall for?

How many will vote for the devil's disciples when they find out they have to give up their personal cars, doctors, freedoms and rights?

that they will have to spend untold thousands retrofitting their homes to unreliable, "green energy" sources.

Chins, India, Russia, and even the EU are all much bigger polluters than how does she plan on forcing them to comply?

More likely she just wants to break the US we can easily be taken over by her friendly socialist countries..

Who in %#@& ever said it was a smart thing to take earth-shaking advice from a 20 something bar tender ?


"Politically correct" language, is really Orwellian 'newspeak'. (Michael Cutler)

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