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Originally Posted by alleyyooper View Post
As a former trucker I have to laugh at people who don't know, talk about truck stops being a good place to eat. After all all the truckers stop there. Wonder if the fools who say that relize you (in my day) cn't park a 70 foot rig at just any old spot.

So truckers then & today are pretty much forced to eat at places with big parking lots. Isn't like you can just pull up to a curb then back out to go on the hiway.

I my self have slapped together a Jungle lunch of lunch meat between two slices of soft white bread, my days it was wonder bread.


Aw, come on, surely you could figure out how to wiggle one of those into an Ihop or Chili's. I've never driven a big rig but I used to pull a 30' fifth wheel camper with an extended cab long bed pickup with a jeep wrangler hanging off the back end of everything. It severley limited my meal options while traveling. Most of the time we just pulled into a roadside park and fixed our own chow instead of the going thru the hassle of parking close to an eating joint.
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