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I didn't buy 40 cal to shoot through my 10mm's I wanted a 10mm Glock 20 gen 4 fit the bill of my want. At that time Springfield didn't make an XD in 10mm. I sold one XD40 to a friend put that money towards a G17 . I like to have any ccw gun I carry to have the same controls. So I decided to switch to glocks. When the last XD40 went I had 2-300 rounds left. I had read the 10mm glock would run them so I gave it a try. I ran 150 through my G20 without a single malfunction . They shot half way accurate. When I bought the 29 I ran 125 rounds through it same results. I have no plan to buy more 40 S&W to shoot in my 10mm's, but would not hesitate to load up 40's if I needed ammo and it was all I could get. Honestly I only carry my G29 for going down town or for security at church. If I am not at work I have to glock 42 on me if I am upright. That gun performs way above where it should for size and caliber

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