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Default important but all too often overlooked by superficial people..

As a platoon Sgt in the army, I never asked my troops to do anything I would not do myself..whether it was to clean a grease trap or up and down "misery hill", with rifle and full gear.
When I attended 7th Army non-commissioned officer's academy in Bad Tolz, Germany...that philosophy was reiterated over and over. My uncle served under Gen Patton..and Patton was the embodiment of "I'll show you how"..

That being said..if those Demon-rats are any kind of leaders..they should produce their tax records full and complete first, then ask the president to show his records.

Other than that, they are justso mant "nattering nabobs"*.. (*Spiro Agnew)

If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.. (Gen George S. Patton)
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