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Originally Posted by bugeye View Post
Yeah maybe.
I posted in another thread the reason I do as I do.
You said that Jesus did not instruct us to pray in HIS name, and that's true, but, at the time of his instructions, his time had not come and everyone he was talking to, who were Godly types, were Jews.
HIS time came at the instant of his death when the curtain in the temple split in half, and his followers at that moment became Christians.
So, I would not participate in any prayer, of any religion, except Christianity in Christ's name.
I feel that is denying Jesus' sovereignty over all things, which IMO is blasphemy.

You do not believe saying "in the Name that is above all other names" (Philippians 2:9) exclusively references Jesus?

If a lost person prays and ends it with "in Jesus name" ... is that prayer, or are they just talking with their eyes closed?

The verses in my original post indicate that when a Christian prays, it is in Jesus name, whether they say it or not. I personally pray a lot without ever opening my mouth. Not verbalizing "in Jesus name" does not deny the sovereignty of Jesus, simply because the only means by which we can pray in the first place is from being in Jesus. Otherwise, its just words, which according to scripture can include "in Jesus name" and at the same time deny His sovereignty.

I understand and agree that words matter, and 99% of the time, as a Chaplain, my prayers are in the context of worship service, study, discipleship or counseling, at which time I always verbalize in Jesus name, Christ's name, the matchless name of Jesus, etc. The other less than 1% of the time, I am not offering prayers in fellowship of believers; I am being asked to pray at a Commanding Officer's mandatory formation, where non-believers are ordered to attend, and their religious freedoms under the Constitution of our nation, which we all took an oath to defend, requires that they not be forced to participate in a religious service. Its not a religious service. Its a national tradition, and so as my predecessors have done since the ink was wet on our Declaration of Independence, I pray to the "Eternal Father, Almighty God" ... "in the Name that is above all other names, Amen." with full confidence that as a Christian I am honoring the sovereignty of Christ, without violating the religious freedoms of other Patriotic Americans who are willing to die so that you and I can go to whichever church we want to on Sunday.
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