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Originally Posted by double d View Post
We are about building cannons here, but we only do it one way, the right way. There is a sticky at the top of the board about cannon construction. Read that. Follow those guidelines to make your cannon. We do not differentiate between a blank fire cannon and a projectile firing cannon. Two reasons. First pressure. Pressure is what makes the loud bang of a blank round and pressure is what makes the ball fly. If you don't build the gun right, pressure can get you. The second reason we don't differentiate is human nature. If you build a "noise maker" sooner or later someone is going to stick a ball in the bore, like I said, human nature. You should especially concerned if you park your cannon by your flag pole. Some Prankster or thief may come along and create a disaster.

Your Idea is doable, but just not the way you are suggesting. Bowling ball mortars are often made with an old Argon bottle.

Here is drawing for making a chamber for a Mortar.

The outer diameter of the chamber piece is three times the diameter of the chamber. For a cannon you just make a longer barrel/chamber, full length of pressure bottle.

You can make a round plate the diameter of the bottle with a hole in the middle for the barrel to cover the muzzle. Get some pipe, inside diameter of the outside diameter of the pressure bottle. Cut off a 1 inch section of the pipe and weld it on the muzzle to make fake reinforcing band. Cut another section 4 to 6 inches long and weld it on the back of the barrel to look like a breech ring. Use a trailer hitch ball for a knob. Trunnion should the same diameter and length as your bore.

Take a look at our sticky on making blank rounds. We suggest flour as a filler. Things like grass clippings, wet newspaper and bread tend to fly out like solid projectiles. Dry newspaper starts fires.

Good luck. Post pictures as you build and we will help you. We may be rather frank about some things but it will always if you are compromising safety.

Take your time ask for help, we will gladly give. You will find you will get several different ideas from different people on how do something, that is good. It gives you something to think about.

Did I say ask questions. A saying I use to use a lot back in my working days, was the only dumb question, is the one you don't ask. So ask questions.

Thanks again for the advice. I really don't like the mortars, I want a traditional looking cannon with wheels and all. If you could answer some questions that would be much appreciated.

1- So for a cannon, the barrel and chamber should be one piece?

2- Could it be 2 pieces , say the chamber machined to attach to the barrel?

3- Or could I have a chamber machined that would fit in a thick DOM barrel?

4- On your suggestion for a cannon, how would you connect the back of the camber to the tank? Would you machine threads in the back of the chamber then attach with a ball hitch?

5- Also you say just cut a piece of flat to attach the barrel muzzle to the tank muzzle, there is no need to fill the area between the tank and the barrel?

6- You say the camber thickness outside is 3 times the chamber diameter , is there any suggestions how it should be machined where it meets the barrel if it could be made separate? Should it be Y ed out like a funnel like this <0 ? Are the mortar chambers like that and the bowling ball just sits on the chamber? I am trying to wrap my head around the powder chamber. I am pretty good at mechanical stuff but the chamber is new to me and I feel it needs respect.

Thanks for the time answering me. I want a cannon so bad...hahaha!

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