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I haven't been in over six years or so. Some is due to where I live, some due to my medical condition. I thought I was going at least once last year, had my stuff ready to pack into the car to ride to my son's house, but I just didn't go.

A few years ago I was going hunting. It was just a few days after my Dad passed away and we had a memorial for him at my sister's house in Pensacola.
I was standing just outside of my truck and I noticed a buck walking in a gully. I watched him for about five minutes, the area had been clear cut and he headed for a small cedar tree. He looked around and bedded down. The wind was blowing and I knew that he had no idea that I was watching him. I got down and started a slow stalk. I got close enough for a good clean shot and while lining up my sights I said "BANG".
That was the last time I've been hunting. I still go to the range when I feel up to it, and really enjoy going to the sheriff's range, even if it is open to the public just once a month.

I'm not anti hunting by any stretch of the imagination, nor am I anti gun. God forbid! I still love to shoot, but I have to be a bit more cautious than I was, since the cancer surgery and the green apple quick step that is a result of most of my large intestine scattered between two hospitals in Georgia. Handloading is a passion, as is boolit casting. It helps kill a lot of time when I am having a good day......

Alabama Hunter and firearms safety instructor

I really like my handguns and Single shot rifles!
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