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Originally Posted by Dogwreck View Post
Thanks again for the advice. I really don't like the mortars, I want a traditional looking cannon with wheels and all. If you could answer some questions that would be much appreciated.

1- So for a cannon, the barrel and chamber should be one piece?
Yes preferred, but you can still use your pressure bottle and do it.

2- Could it be 2 pieces , say the chamber machined to attach to the barrel?

3- Or could I have a chamber machined that would fit in a thick DOM barrel?
Yes, look at my drawing again. The drawing is for a mortar, but you can adapt that and make a cannon. Make the chamber section the same length as the interior of the pressure bottle-basically a cannon within a cannon..

4- On your suggestion for a cannon, how would you connect the back of the camber to the tank? Would you machine threads in the back of the chamber then attach with a ball hitch?
Cut off the threaded neck and extend the back of the chamber section out the back of the barrel and weld it in place. Weld a trailer hitch ball to the end.

5- Also you say just cut a piece of flat to attach the barrel muzzle to the tank muzzle, there is no need to fill the area between the tank and the barrel?
Not really, but I would probably would fill it with packed sand.

6- You say the camber thickness outside is 3 times the chamber diameter , is there any suggestions how it should be machined where it meets the barrel if it could be made separate? Should it be Y ed out like a funnel like this <0 ? Are the mortar chambers like that and the bowling ball just sits on the chamber? I am trying to wrap my head around the powder chamber. I am pretty good at mechanical stuff but the chamber is new to me and I feel it needs respect.
Go to the Construction Sticky and follow the link to the NSSA rules for construction of a barrel liner.

Thanks for the time answering me. I want a cannon so bad...hahaha!
The barrel is the easy part, have you given any consideration to the carriage design.
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