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Originally Posted by lloyd smale View Post
there it is. Its in the nature of man to kill to eat. Its a soft life, Mc Donalds and the liberals that have made it seem wrong. Like is allways said. If you eat beef, pork, poultry, or fish someone had to kill it. I guess I feel im responsible for my own. Just like having to put down my dog a couple years ago. Sure I could have went the easy route and dropped it off at the vet and picked up a box of ashes a week later. But he was my best friend and I didn't want a stranger as the last person he saw. He was my responsibility. Its the way its been since man first domesticated animals. We put down the sick and kill what is nessisary to eat. I chuckle at the touchy feely people that feel squeamish about killing a deer but have no problem buying a steak at the store. Sorry but it didn't come out of a garden or off a meat tree. A animal was killed like it or not. Now add to that we had a very harsh winter this year. Im sure MANY deer starved to death. You really think you did them a favor by not giving them a quick death and letting them face the cold and starving. This touch feely liberal world wants you to think that bambi is warm in santas house for the winter. Killing is just part of living. God gave us deer to eat not to decorate his sons birthday cards.

We're not talking touchy,liberal feelings here LLoyd. Most on here have dropped the hammer on many game animals in their lifetime.Like you, some of us have had to kill (put down) their pets for various reasons.You do a lot of control hunts,which isn't really a hunt imo . Nothing wrong with that where it's needed.Some just loose the blood lust as we get older.Not touchy feely,liberal feelings,and we don't suffer from the Bambi syndrome.

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