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I believe it is an age/mellowing thing. have harvested many deer over the years, but I likely won't hunt them any more. Nothing against hunting..but now I am alone and would never consume a whole deer in a year (I'm not a big meat eater anyway).

I have a grandson who is a very successful hunter and doesn't waste game. I am now in possession of an "old timer's" "lifetime license", which is mailed to me each year. Of course, there are usually "antlerless deer" permits available..
We can sign over those permits, so I sign them over to my grandson...and he doesn't waste them..

Deer season is usually quite cold here, and it seems the cold seeps into this octogenarian frame much quicker than it used to.. I will likely hunt some small game such as woodchucks (groundhogs)...probably using either .22LR or .22 Mag..causing me to stalk..good exercise..

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