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Default Carl's jr finally closed up

(move this to food or wherever it needs to be )

the local carl's jr. closed it's doors after learning the hard way
that high-end yuppie food joints don't do well in the "hood.
i'd never been there, and i just noticed today that they pulled
all the signage and the menu/microphone doo-dad from the
drive thru, and even the wires that would be sticking up are gone.
if you didn't already know it was once there, there'd be no
sign of anything to show that it ever was.
the only places that last around here have $1.00 menus and
cheap (chains) pizza joints, and good chicken joints.
many places have tried and failed in this area because they
don't realize that the hood rats want cheap volume and grease
and sugar. i'll bet more chips and candy are sold here than in
some small cities elsewhere.
the one i never figured is an ice cream place they had for a
very short while where they scooped out your gourmet ice
cream onto a piece of rock like a cutting board, and mashed it
around for a bit before putting it in your little dish.
what the bleepety-bleep is that all about ?

there used to be some really good bbq joints, and a few really
great hamburger joints, but they've mostly gone by the wayside.
the bbq places closed up because the men that opened them
had to work hard and be up at 3 and 4 in the morning to tend
to their meat and such, and when they died off, the heirs didn't
want to put in that kind of work and they couldn't make the grade
any more. most of the good hamburger places were just old
and a lot of the newer customers didn't like the old buildings
and expected alcoholic drinks with their meal. (even though this
particular area is dry) the food was still great, but i guess many
prefer ambience over the quality of food.

oh well. . . . .

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