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Default Corey Booker wants "reparations".

Corey Booker, candidate for president wantys reparations paid to descendants of slaves. He is a descendent of a slave...but he is also descended from Caucasians.

So I guess Corey can pay himself reparations...all he has to do is decide just how much and how soon.

From the article;

[COLOR="Blue"But if we’re going to launch a commission to study slavery reparations, we should begin with Booker.
"I am descended from slaves and slave owners," Booker wrote in a campaign biography no one read.
Henry Louis Gates told Booker that his DNA is 45% European and 47% African. Should the privileged son of IBM executives write a check from the 45% of his DNA to the 47% of his DNA?
If Booker is entitled to reparations because a narrow 2% majority of his DNA is African, if 2% of his DNA shifted place, would he have to switch from cashing reparations checks to writing them?][/COLOR]


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