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Default I hate coyotes with a passion!

I've been wandering for a few days and haven't looked at a computer.

Just thought I'd let you guys know that I have been waging war on a certain pack of coyotes that have a fancy for a local farmers lambs. Last Friday evening I made a nice 300 yard straight away running shot on a big male coyote with my lil 7 (7mm-08/120 Hornady). Then Sunday morning I sloberknocked another one with a load of Rottweil 00buck out of my 12 gauge just as the sky was turning pink in the east. He was late to breakfast and I was ready. The sheep let me know he was coming. However a mighty coyote hunter I am not! I missed the easiest shot in the world last night at one hundred yards and he was just trotting. Missed him three times. Dang he was the big dark en that I got figured for the alpha male. Sure would have been nice to have culled him out of the pack.

I have a surprise for them this weekend! Coyotes come on the run if they see buzzards circling and the witches brew is fermenting as we speak. I know it's a rough job but someone has to do it...right?
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