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Originally Posted by Dee View Post
Many American Indians say the coyote will be the last living animal on earth.
So many coyotes so little time! I hate them with a passion and with good reason. Back in the mid 90s a pack of them killed my old faithful hunting buddy Ruger. I am almost certain that it was a pac of adolescent litter mates who were by that time 10 -11 months old and full grown and out killing just for fun. I hunt them hard this time of year because the bitches have whelped and have a litter of pups in a hole somewhere. If I can catch that momma coyote out hunting I will kill her every time. It eliminates the litter too. Sounds cruel but nobody considers the mouse or rat that is caught in a trap might have a litter of offspring somewhere nor do we care. I view coyotes the same way.......only they are bigger and smarter!
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